Website Integration

Website Integration

GO BEYOND the “Contact Us” Button

Nowadays, everybody is connected. The Internet is becoming one of the most prominent mediums to do business; with a click, shops, stores, companies, and people can contact each other, discover opportunities, and establish human and business relationships.

Being reachable through the web is one of the most important strengths a business can gain. This essential advantage helps turn internet visitors into customers, even if your business doesn’t have any e-commerce!

Invisible barriers between you and your potential customers make deals harder. Remove all the virtual obstacles that make your business struggle getting leads. The common Contact page with your phone numbers and email addresses won’t help you turn contacts into business.

Just a “Contact Us” button isn’t enough today. Emails often take too long to get a reply, while old-fashioned forms are inconvenient for visitors who want further information or a representative to ask questions to.

These outdated tools won’t increase your revenue. They don’t bring any competitive advantage to your business. In fact, they’re making you lose appeal because neither an email address nor a form can attract visitors by promising the attention and care they deserve.

You need a professional tool that transforms your website into the core of your business

WHAT POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS really want from your company’s website

They want you to be easy to reach and available right away. Imagine a tool that connects online visitors with sales representatives with a simple click.

What if your visitors could start a chat with exactly the right person they need to reach, then dynamically turn it into an audio or video call?

What if they could go on to present additional info by sharing their screen or transferring documents, all in real time?

Forget about filling out forms, or sending emails to a generic address…

Now you can embed the full capabilities of your communications platform into your website, making your business directly reachable by visitors. Turn visitors into customers the fastest way ever!

Be available to your customers instantly. Let them reach you with just one click

With this application, a website visitor can communicate with the company call agents via chat, audio and video call, desktop sharing and file transfer – with just one click.

All fully integrated into BlueSky UC’S system. It turns the corporate website into an efficient marketing tool, and includes a fully customisable HTML template.

Fully customisable templates

Decide which information to display. The agent’s personal image, presence information, or even geolocation!

Use in any form: The contacts website page, Contact-me button, HTML signature with chat/call button, a QR code or a Widget that remains open while the customer navigates the website.

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