Webinar Conferencing

Webinar Conferencing

The Browser-Based Webinar Platform for Sales

Have you considered engaging prospects by using Webinars? Why not engage with your audience via webinar and see how our solution could deliver your business measurable results!

Let’s be honest: webinars today don’t turn any profits.

Once, we used webinars to be different. Today, webinars are the most important way to broadly reach out to the public. They are an important step in the customer journey. We believe Webinars have become the most relevant way to sell!

As webinars are increasing in in popularity, customers have grown tired of them and Webinar burnout is setting in, meaning we need to improve the model with a new, innovative tool that looks professional as broadcasting from your desk simply isn’t enough anymore.

Standard webinar tools are not designed to provide the entertainment and engagement level you need for online events. Especially when the speaker is sitting at a desk in the office, or even in the kitchen. How can anyone manage an in-person event that way?

Our solution lets prospects join and enjoy webinars, and lets you convert them into customers!

Video Conferencing

So how does it work?

You can start by contacting registrants before and after every online event. This means you have plenty of opportunities to reach out to them, even when you’re not broadcasting.

Our webinar software is connected to the communications system and integrates directly with your current CRM.

Get the first automated movie studio for your webinars.

BlueSky UC’s Webinar solution can be equipped with professional, studio-quality microphones and 15WHD speakers that perfectly reproduce the sound coming from the other side of the screen. What’s more, the PTZ camera is smart: it detects who is talking and moves to automatically frame the speaker.

The conference supports up to three monitors and two webcams are included: the first one is 4K Ultra HD, static, with a 120-degree wide angle, top-quality autofocus function. The second camera is a PTZ which offers 12X optical zoom.

That’s what we mean when we talk about the perfect tool for entertainment and engaging the audience!

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