Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing in Web RTC

Video Conferencing in Web RTC

In March 2020 the world as we knew it changed. The pandemic accelerated the adoption of online services to enable us to stay connected with friends and family. According to Ofcom more than 7 in 10 adults in the UK are now making video calls at least weekly, which is up from 35% pre-lockdown to 71%.
The advantages of video conferencing in business, include saved commute times, and increased productivity as team members and clients become more in sync as decisions can be made remotely, quickly, and efficiently.

The benefit of BlueSky’s video conferencing system is that it’s completely integrated with the cloud phone system and requires no additional software. It has one single real time web-based user interface, to manage internal and external communication, on any device in any location:

Video Conference and Collaboration features

  • Videoconference from anywhere you are
  • Chrome OS for maximum security
  • Internal and External participants
  • Hardware devices available
  • Device agnostic
  • Audio & video call
  • Chat, presence & geolocation
  • Fax & SMS to one or more users
  • Access to corporate phonebooks
  • Screen sharing & file transfer
Video Conferencing

Will I need additional hardware?

All you need is a license, your laptop, and an internet connection — no additional hardware is required. However, you can further empower your equipment with additional hardware depending on your requirements. Why not contact one of our team for further information?

How does it work?

The truth is the majority of video conferencing systems are designed to be used by experts and IT professionals. There’s no real way to set up and use one quickly! These difficulties prevent your employees from enjoying the benefits of an efficient videoconferencing system.

The BlueSky VC system is designed with the end user in mind, its intuitive and user-friendly interface makes Video Conferencing a necessary, and enjoyable everyday tool!

It’s actually very simple. External users will receive an email invitation and can join the conference by clicking the link inside. Or if they’d rather access the conference in audio-only mode, that won’t be a problem as the contact number is also provided.

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Video Conferencing

Huddle Room

The huddle-room is the collaborative space of the future. Our huddle room camera is the perfect teleconferencing system for small rooms where 3-5 people gather to discuss, strategize, and make decisions.

You’ll still need your laptop, but you can upgrade your user experience in terms of audio and video by connecting a Huddle Room with a wide-angle camera and a Voice speakerphone that supports up to 2 additional mics, ensuring optimal audio and video performance.

Conference Room

The VC Station is a professional and easy-to-use tool for your meeting room, and there are no user limits. You can even enhance the Station with touch screens, which let you create virtual shared rooms to collaborate remotely.

WebRTC technology makes this process fast, and Chrome OS makes it safe; these magical components let your team enjoy the benefits of the most effective yet easy to use videoconference station.

Chrome OS guarantees no more issues with updates or driver incompatibility, this turns The VC Station into the most secure conference station on the market, a suit of armour impenetrable by any kind of hacking!

Stop worrying about how to set up and start conferences. This wizard lets you create virtual interactive workspaces in just 30 seconds!

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The Magic of Perfect Sound and Smart Cameras

BlueSky UC’s video conferencing is equipped with professional, studio-quality microphones and speakers that perfectly reproduce the sounds coming from the other side of the screen.

The PTZ camera is smart: it detects who’s talking and moves automatically to frame the speaker. The device brings a WOW effect to user experiences thanks to the magic of AI!

  • The conference supports up to 3 monitors with an essential stand. Two webcams are included: the first one is 4K Ultra HD, static, with a 120-degree wide angle and a top-quality autofocus function. The second camera is a PTZ which offers 12X optical zoom.
  • The HD microphones provide exceptional audio quality, invisible to users — they can be installed on the ceiling or desk mounted.

VC Speakerphone DUO LED

This super cool device will show when you are available, so that’s a Green Light to your performance! It’s fully compatible with our latest devices and equipped with a USB type-C plug.

The speakerphone is specially designed for WebRTC videoconferences and ensures efficient collaboration in large conference rooms.

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