Mobile Extension

Mobile Extension

Mobile Extension provides you with a cost effective and simple way to include mobile users in your business phone network.

Old telephone

Do you remember life before mobile phones?

Let’s face it, it seems like a distant memory! 

Today we’re inundated with applications for absolutely everything, so if your team are used to WhatsApp and other forms of IM, then Mobex shouldn’t be a problem.

Mobile Extension is a great way to provide your staff with the ability to work remotely but still form part of the internal work network, and benefit from all the same features they would as if they were sitting in front of a PC in the office.

BlueSky UC’s mobile application is IOS and Android compatible

  • Calls via VoIP or GSM to all contacts in your phonebook
  • Video calls 
  • Callback Service
  • Chat and call history
  • Post-It
  • File exchange
  • Call recording
  • Call reporting and management
  • User presence information and ‘Geolocation’

What’s this I hear you say? ‘Geolocation?’. This is super cool. It’s incredibly accurate and can locate a member of your team with satellite view!  

BlueSky UC’s Mobile Extension is the only Mobex App that pairs with Apple Watch for notifications!

Mobile Extension Apple Watch
Mobile Extension

Gone are the days of the traditional 9 - 5

With remote working, employee productivity increases by 15 to 20%.

57% of employees who work remotely are more satisfied with their job than those who are entirely office based.

78% of managers consider telecommuting to be the most effective non-economic incentive to retain talent in their company.

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