Handsets and Headsets

The VoIP phone Line Up

Desk phones designed for business use at home, or in the office.


We understand that all our customers have different requirements, and one size doesn’t fit all!

BlueSky can provide a full range of hardware options when it comes to making the best decision for your team.

These options are best discussed in person, so why not contact us to see how we could help you.

If you’re in to your tech then why not consider the SuperVision, which runs on an Android-based operating system and is equipped with an 8” display and removable webcam.

The SuperVision allows managers to monitor their company’s telephone activity (Call Center Wallboard) and offers integration with door entry systems.

Cordless DECT handsets W-Air system –

If you prefer the option of being mobile or your operational set up requires this, then why not consider our DECT solution, which on a single base station supports up to 16000 cordless VoIP handsets and headsets with an extensive signal coverage all thanks to the base-repeater system.

Given present circumstances, it’s no great surprise that the W-AIR Med is our top selling DECT handset with its antibacterial coating, ideal for nursing homes and medical facilities!

The W-AIR system allows data and voice transfer over radio frequency and offers advanced features, such as access to the shared phonebooks and presence status monitoring.


W-AIR Headset - The Wireless headset with the largest wireless roaming range in the world

We have an impressive range of headsets, to meet all requirements! The W-AIR Headset is perfect for situations where mobility and continuity of communication are essential -retail, warehouses and offices located on multiple levels and floors.

Often, colleagues can’t clearly tell whether you are busy with a call or not?

Our Duo LED headset solves this problem and saves everyone’s time by showing your co-workers when you are available.

The Duo LED shows your colleagues your current status with its built-in LED indicator. This is done through a simple colour-coding system: green means “available,” violet means “do not disturb,” red means “on the phone”. It also has an exceptionally long battery life, of up to 15 hours (longer than a full working day!)

The signal coverage of the W-AIR headset is guaranteed by the W-AIR DECT system.

This means that you can freely move throughout the whole coverage area, without worrying about call interruptions or sound quality.

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