Call Recording

Call Recording

There are so many benefits when it comes to recording your business calls, this should be a necessity when it comes to considering a new communication system!

Across all business sectors, if you have a successful business, Call Recording has become a standard form of quality control and legal protection.

Improve customer service

Most companies pride themselves on good customer service, but it’s almost impossible to monitor each and every call as they come in.

It’s not a question of trust, or even a breach of privacy. Call recording can be there to protect both parties, it’s an ideal training tool and can be great for morale!


Video or Audio Conference calls are a great way to collaborate remotely, however it can be difficult to take notes whilst listening and interacting!
Call Recording allows you to play the call back after the meeting has finished, so you can take notes.

This allows you to stay focused on the task at hand and contribute without distraction.


Ensure Quality of Audio

There’s nothing more frustrating than not being able to hear your customers clearly! This can be embarrassing, especially when it comes to first impressions.

BlueSky UC’S call recording solution utilises CLASSOUND technology which is built in to the VOIP Trunk. It’s the only solution that allows you to enjoy First Class Audio Quality all over the world, safely in the Cloud.

It’s a revolutionary way to communicate, especially when it comes to international call traffic!

Web RTC Real time Assistance

Wouldn’t it be great to jump on a call with one of your team if they could do with a little help

With our Call Recording solution this is possible. Barging in to calls used to require contact centre technology, but we include this as part of our solution.

Having the ability to do this could be the difference between closing the sale or not!

Call Recording in a Call Centre

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