Call Monitoring & Reporting

Call Monitoring and Reporting Software

Call Monitoring and Reporting Software

Without monitoring, control, and analysis there is no strategy. BlueSky UC provide an efficient reporting tool with information relative to the call activity, such as number, duration, type, and costs of all the calls received and made by your call agents in real time. This is ideal if you’re looking to enhance internal quality control processes!

Call Monitoring and Reporting Software


  • See call volumes with details and trends of employees.
  • Information on the number, duration, and nature of the call.
  • Analyse specific events, or the company call activity in general.
  • Are your customers going to voicemail too often, or do they have to repeatedly call in? What’s the average length of time to answer a call?
  • When are you busiest? Do you have staff coverage during those times? Do you pay for too many lines, or not enough?

BlueSky UC Call Centre Wallboard

Real-time SLA (Service-Level Agreement) monitoring tool.

  • The application monitors your call agents’ activity, and provides you with information on the SLA which helps to measure the business performance.
  • Giving you the visibility, you need to formulate a business strategy
  • A customizable Dashboard, reporting as charts or data grids.
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of how call agents and departments function and unlock the hidden potential within your business!

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Call Monitoring and Reporting Software

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