What to consider when looking in to business phone systems


At BlueSky UC we want to ensure you make the right decision for your business.

Telecommunications is an area of new emerging technology which is creating more choice and confusion amongst buyers. Over recent years phone systems have transitioned through a major technology migration, where the majority of businesses have gone from having physical phone systems (PBX) on site to VOIP where everything can be accessed and stored in the Cloud.

There are lots of company owners who may have already made the decision about the best way forwards for their business. However, if you are currently at the beginning of this journey and considering whether to purchase a phone system for your office or allow another party to look after it for you via a Cloud based subscription model, then it is important that you find out all of the pro’s and con’s before you make your mind up!

Here are a few considerations to make…

Do you have more than one site?

Size could potentially guide your decision here with regards to the commercials. Therefore it could be more cost effective to own business phone system, certainly if you have more than 30 users working on site. Saying that, multi sites with a smaller number of users should consider the option of a cloud subscription based model. The most effective way to consider both options is over a five year period. Look at the cost of owing the business phone system outright and include maintenance by comparison to a five year monthly VOIP Service alternative.  

Is your business model CapEX or OpEX based?

On-site owned business telecommunication systems have historically been the traditional choice for most businesses.  If your business operates using a CapEX model then an outright purchase may be a cheaper option. If you own your office phone system then SIP trunks are always a good option, and can help you to utilise the technology. 

As an alternative to this, if you would rather not take on the responsibility of owning your own telephone system you could look into a cloud phone system for your business, renting access on a per user basis, handing over the responsibility to a telecoms service provider. This option suits an OpEX model as the initial outlay is low.

Does your business need frequent changes?

As a company, if rapid growth and flexibility are important to your business, then its worth considering a cloud phone system as small changes are quick and scalable. One of the other benefits of VOIP phone systems for business is that the technology refresh and updates are managed by the provider, which is ideal if you don’t have the man power to do this in house.

Do you want to maintain control of your PBX?

If you do have the resource in house, and would prefer to maintain control of your PBX then owning your own system may be a better option. Having your PBX on-site means that you have full and complete access to its features and functionality. You also maintain control over all data, which can be important if you deal with sensitive information. The use of SIP trunks also means that you make the most out of your hardware.

Whether you’re a large enterprise or considering options for a small business telephone system, telecommunications is an important decision for any company. Cost, flexibility and control are the most important considerations when it comes to any decision-making. At BlueSky UC we want to ensure you make the right decision for your business. 

If you are interested in finding out more about these options, then please speak to one of our team.

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