What is smarter working?

Smarter Working

Smart working is a new model of work that uses emerging technologies combined with the development of existing technologies to improve the performance and satisfaction obtained from the job.

So why do I need a work-from-home platform?

It’s all too easy for unforeseen circumstances to shut down an office. Disease, weather conditions, or even construction can make a workplace inaccessible — taking you from making money to sitting helplessly.

We’ve already seen these disruptions can happen anytime, with no warning of when they’ll come or when they’ll let up. The best way around them is an easy-to-use, easy-to-deploy solution that gets you and your team back to work from home.

With BlueSky’s smart working package, users can begin working from home immediately; activation takes only a few hours, with no software installation or on-site technicians required. 

The platform configures itself quickly to enable instant smart working from a living room or home office.

One of the obstacles to smart working is technology. BlueSky UC’s solution can be configured remotely in only two hours, allowing it to run on workers’ own personal devices. This is possible thanks to the platform’s browser-based user interface. 

It’s simple. The user accesses this virtual office space, and all it takes is one click to chat, share screens and documents, and even create video conferences with colleagues and clients

In order to do this efficiently, we need browser-based technology that is easy to use, quick to activate, and works on users’ personal devices. So, without any special hardware you can instantly begin working by routing the calls received at your office to your home device. 

What are the advantages of a work-from-home platform?

Suppose that when your office shuts down, instead of losing all your staff, you could keep 80% or even 100% of them working, even when your office closes down. Suppose, too, that on top of staying operational, your team increases their productivity by up to 20%.

That’s exactly what happens when you embrace remote working. Operating from home, businesses with anywhere from 5 to 1000 employees also reduce their absence rate by 20%, see their work-life balance improve by 80%, and are on average more likely to be satisfied with their jobs.

With BlueSky UC’s work from home solution, you and your team can go back to communicating and collaborating over projects instantly, working from home with all the efficiency and presence of being in the office.

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