BlueSky Unified Communications feel strongly about being responsible corporate citizens.

With each and every order our customers place for a new hosted solution, we make a charitable donation of our customers choice. This means that as we grow, our donations continue to increase.

BlueSky UC are proud to support Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospital charity...

where every year 73,000 children, from across Wales, receive specialist and life-saving treatment at the Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospital in Cardiff and in their communities across the nation. Having raised more than £23 million to build and equip the hospital, today they respond to urgent need across the hospital, funding innovative life-saving equipment and investing in technology that helps to train the clinicians of tomorrow. They provide funding for patient and family services which help alleviate anxieties, support parents and engage children. For example, the play specialist team, who help children be children, despite the difficulties they are facing.

Their mission is to create brighter todays and better tomorrows, ensuring the best outcome and experience possible for the children of Wales.

caerleon comp2

Caerleon Comprehensive School

The Friends of Caerleon Comprehensive School (FOCCS) brings parents, carers, teachers and the wider community together to raise funds that support and enrich the education of our children – we aim to provide extra resources for the students, improve the school environment as well as help with the cost of extra-curricular activities such as music, art and sport.

In the past we have funded many additional resources for classrooms such as digital microscopes, iPads and pens and projectors.  Big ticket items such as the grand piano, as well as sports affiliation fees and student planners.  We aim to support requests from all areas of the school so that the majority of students benefit in some way.

Your support is greatly appreciated.

As part of our ongoing duty of care and high levels of customer service and support, we invite feedback to ensure we’re meeting the needs of customers with vulnerability characteristics.

Please feel free to contact us directly with suggestions on how we can improve our service to meet these requirements.

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